Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day is not something you do every day. The result is chaos 😉 You don’t know where to start and who to trust. There are so many trends and traditions in the wedding industry, it almost impossible to be creative and do your own thing.

This post is about just that, when you start planning your wedding day and you do it YOUR way, you will save big bucks.

First off you need to get your mind outside the whole traditional wedding theme. Just to do most wedding traditions will cost you an arm and a leg. Start dreaming about your wedding day, the sky is limit, it’s your money, it’s your fairy-tale wedding. It’s your dream wedding day.

Wedding venues

Wedding Day

There are many wedding venues all around the world. Yes some of them have been in the business for many years. There are however amazing venues out there that does not charge an arm or a leg. Take your time when choosing a venue. Most venues try to accommodate bridal couples as much as they can.

How would you save money with your wedding venue? The answer is very simple. Plan your wedding day in the off season. Most wedding venues have better rates in the off seasons. Winter weddings are just as amazing. You could always plan your wedding day on a week day. You will save tons by booking a week day. Who cares about what day it is, as long as you can have your dream wedding day! I have done a post on what every bride to be should know when going venue hunting

You don’t need a wedding planner

Wedding Day

Especially if you are the one paying for your whole wedding, then rather do the planning yourself. Wedding planners can get expensive quick. There are many wedding checklists on the net, you can get a good idea of what to do first with these checklists.


Wedding day

Roses are expensive! Stop, drop and roll. Do you really NEED to have the most expensive flowers? Do some research on flowers, there are many kinds and some are beautiful and cheap. Center pieces you can make yourself. Or choosing the right venue have the center pieces included. Al the other flower decor you can do yourself. Look at it this way, after 10 years you will not remember your flowers, nor would you care. You can save tons by just choosing cheaper flowers.

I have seen and heard many weddings where the florists that were hired to do the flowers just didn’t pitch up or brought the wrong flowers. Rather just do the flowers yourself. Put your family to work with this, they will be more than willing to help out.

Thank you gifts

Wedding day

This is one of the most absurd traditions in the wedding industry. You will spend at a minimum of R2000 (about $150) just for thank you gifts. Not one of your guests will be there just receive a thank you gift. Most thank you gifts get thrown in the garbage. You don’t need to bribe your guests to come to your wedding day, you are already giving them a 3 course meal, which should be a huge thank you. Thank everyone in one of the speeches.


Wedding day

I understand that you want to be a good host, but opening a tab at the bar for all your guests is a big no no. Most people know that they should take cash with them when attending a wedding day. That is why every wedding venue has a cash bar.


The dress

Wedding day

Here I may be stepping on some toes, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t need a designer dress. Our lovely chinese friends have perfected the art of creating master piece wedding dresses for very VERY cheap. Do you want to impress everyone with a designer dress of rather save money to go have an amazing honeymoon? Your choice. Just remember the keywords: CHINA MALL 😉

The wedding cake

Wedding day

Why would you spend R8000 on a wedding cake? The chances of the whole cake being eaten is very slim. The cake and even the cutting of the cake is not that important. There are bakers out there that can make a beautiful cake for cheap. The cake can be fake and just have one layer that is real to use for the cutting of the cake. You can save tons by doing a cheap cake.

Wedding invitations

Wedding day

You don’t need a company to do the invitations, you can save by doing it yourself. Let those creative juices flow.


These are only a few ideas on how to save on your wedding day. If you take a step back and think about everything, you will find many more ideas to save on your wedding day.

Happy planning!