Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day is not something you do every day. The result is chaos 😉 You don’t know where to start and who to trust. There are so many trends and traditions in the wedding industry, it almost impossible to be creative and do your own thing.

This post is about just that, when you start planning your wedding day and you do it YOUR way, you will save big bucks.

First off you need to get your mind outside the whole traditional wedding theme. Just to do most wedding traditions will cost you an arm and a leg. Start dreaming about your wedding day, the sky is limit, it’s your money, it’s your fairy-tale wedding. It’s your dream wedding day.

Wedding venues

Wedding Day

There are many wedding venues all around the world. Yes some of them have been in the business for many years. There are however amazing venues out there that does not charge an arm or a leg. Take your time when choosing a venue. Most venues try to accommodate bridal couples as much as they can.

How would you save money with your wedding venue? The answer is very simple. Plan your wedding day in the off season. Most wedding venues have better rates in the off seasons. Winter weddings are just as amazing. You could always plan your wedding day on a week day. You will save tons by booking a week day. Who cares about what day it is, as long as you can have your dream wedding day! I have done a post on what every bride to be should know when going venue hunting

You don’t need a wedding planner

Wedding Day

Especially if you are the one paying for your whole wedding, then rather do the planning yourself. Wedding planners can get expensive quick. There are many wedding checklists on the net, you can get a good idea of what to do first with these checklists.


Wedding day

Roses are expensive! Stop, drop and roll. Do you really NEED to have the most expensive flowers? Do some research on flowers, there are many kinds and some are beautiful and cheap. Center pieces you can make yourself. Or choosing the right venue have the center pieces included. Al the other flower decor you can do yourself. Look at it this way, after 10 years you will not remember your flowers, nor would you care. You can save tons by just choosing cheaper flowers.

I have seen and heard many weddings where the florists that were hired to do the flowers just didn’t pitch up or brought the wrong flowers. Rather just do the flowers yourself. Put your family to work with this, they will be more than willing to help out.

Thank you gifts

Wedding day

This is one of the most absurd traditions in the wedding industry. You will spend at a minimum of R2000 (about $150) just for thank you gifts. Not one of your guests will be there just receive a thank you gift. Most thank you gifts get thrown in the garbage. You don’t need to bribe your guests to come to your wedding day, you are already giving them a 3 course meal, which should be a huge thank you. Thank everyone in one of the speeches.


Wedding day

I understand that you want to be a good host, but opening a tab at the bar for all your guests is a big no no. Most people know that they should take cash with them when attending a wedding day. That is why every wedding venue has a cash bar.


The dress

Wedding day

Here I may be stepping on some toes, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t need a designer dress. Our lovely chinese friends have perfected the art of creating master piece wedding dresses for very VERY cheap. Do you want to impress everyone with a designer dress of rather save money to go have an amazing honeymoon? Your choice. Just remember the keywords: CHINA MALL 😉

The wedding cake

Wedding day

Why would you spend R8000 on a wedding cake? The chances of the whole cake being eaten is very slim. The cake and even the cutting of the cake is not that important. There are bakers out there that can make a beautiful cake for cheap. The cake can be fake and just have one layer that is real to use for the cutting of the cake. You can save tons by doing a cheap cake.

Wedding invitations

Wedding day

You don’t need a company to do the invitations, you can save by doing it yourself. Let those creative juices flow.


These are only a few ideas on how to save on your wedding day. If you take a step back and think about everything, you will find many more ideas to save on your wedding day.

Happy planning!


Where did 2016 go? Nevertheless we had an amazing year with amazing bridal couples. Right through the year we were blessed with amazing sunsets an awesome scenery to work with. We thank God for keeping us safe on the roads and blessing us with supernatural creativity. People think a photographer just pushes a button, but it’s so much more than that. We spend on average 10 hours on the wedding day, excluding traveling times. I am thankful for sharing the best wedding photos for 2016!

Me and Yolandie was also blessed in 2016 on the 2nd of September with a beautiful baby boy!

Best Wedding Photos

This was late friday night and I had to shoot Hardus and Lenanda’s wedding the next day. Saturday morning while I was getting ready to travel to the wedding, I had a huge gallbladder attack. Went to the hospital and in the parking area the pain suddenly went away. So we drove to the wedding, and with the help of one of my photographer friends, I managed to shoot the whole wedding. That night about a few kilometers away from the hospital I had another attack. Went into the emergency room, and a day later they operated and took out my gallbladder.

I thank God that He kept me safe and gave me the strength to have been able to shoot the whole wedding.

I wish I could show every photo we did in 2016, but space is limited. So I will share and comment 1 or 2 photos that I think are awesome memorable moments of each wedding. Let’s go down memory lane and enjoy 😉

Dylan & Bernice

Best Wedding Photos

Dylan & Bernice flew in from Germany and we were privileged to be the photographers to capture their special day. I have seen a lot of sand ceremonies where the bride and groom mix sand in one bottle. But Dylan and Bernice’s sand ceremony was very special, as the mixed sand from South African soil and sand from German soil.
Wedding Venue: Lezar Opstal

Leonard & Rutasha

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Leonard and Rutasha are two young people but their love for each other was amazing. The wedding was done on their family farm so we had awesome photo opportunities to work with. The first photo was at a old ruins and in the one door way the light was perfectly placed to give this amazing shot.

Tyron & Stephanie

Best Wedding Photos

Yes there was an owl that flew in the rings at the ceremony! What an amazing experience. This owl was left for dead when she was a baby but the good old samaritan raised it to health and into this magnificent thing to experience. I must be honest I was very nervous to do this shot, as the owl flew very fast and the isle was not very long, but we managed to get this amazing shot just before she landed. Definitely one for the books!
Wedding venue: Leopard Lodge Hartbeespoort.

Shaun & Retha

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

This wedding day was filled with joy and tears of joy. Very emotional fun wedding. Shaun & Retha has so much love for each other.
Wedding venue: Bush lovers lodge.

Gerhard & Dawn

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Gerhard & Dawn’s wedding day was so special, this couple’s love is definitely a good example to anyone out there.
Wedding Venue: Waterfall Cove

Retief & Bonita

Best Wedding Photos

This wedding had us traveling very far (which we love) deep in the heart of South African bushveld. Truly one of the best wedding photos of 2016. This shot was not edited and yes the cheetah is real. Was a very difficult shot as you cannot tell a cheetah to sit and behave. I was very blessed to capture this moment and the split second where the cheetah turned his head towards me while sitting.
Wedding Venue: Mbidi Lodge – Ramela Ranch.

Morne & Jolene

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

I just love a chapel with a beautiful ceiling, it makes for amazing photos. Jolene’s wedding shoes was very unique with see through sides it made for this amazing shot.
Wedding venue: Oakfield Farm

Corne & Lizelle

Best Wedding Photos

I just love to sneak off with a bridal couple and do night shots, it never disappoints!
Wedding venue: Stop and Stay Lodge

Dian & Michelle

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

We were very blessed to have such an amazing sunset, we had time for amazing shots! Beautiful wedding
Wedding venue: De Haven Oost Wedding Venue.

Johan & Elizabeth

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

This was the first time I had the chance to shoot in a sunflower field, and it was amazing! Johan & Elizabeth lives in a farming community. So the windmill was the perfect backdrop.
Wedding Venue: Zakopane Country Village.

Justin & Nastasha
Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

What a beautiful couple. They had so much fun on their wedding day. The romantic vibe made for awesome photos.

Johan & Veronique
Best Wedding Photos

I just love when wedding venues have amazing chandeliers. It creates amazing romantic photos.

Jean & Charmony

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

You can NEVER go wrong with a beautiful venue and by beautiful I am not talked about a nice garden or something, Im talking about something unique like the Royal Elephant Hotel. This photo is probably one of my most favorites, such a unique shot. What made this one of the best wedding photos of 2016 is the amazing venue and ofcourse the amazing couple, they have a love for photos. The Royal Elephant is an amazing venue with tons of photo opportunities.
Wedding venue Royal Elephant Hotel

Ettiene & Dorme

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Ettiene & Dorme is grounded in Christ, we were so blessed to do their wedding day. These two shots are amazing.
Wedding Venue: The Moon and Sixpence.

Calvin & Bianca

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

I just love it when friends of a bride book us to also share in their special days. It a huge responsibility to capture a wedding, so when friends of a bride book us we feel very blessed. Bianca and Calvin has seen us in action at a previous wedding, it was so much fun sharing in their wedding day too.
Wedding Venue: Makiti

Hardus & Lenanda

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

This was the wedding I had to do with a damaged gallbladder. I didnt feel 100% but Im very blessed to have been able to shoot the whole wedding.
Wedding Venue: Lavandou Wedding and Events Venue.

Michael & Obie

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

When I first edited these shots I could not believe that these shots came from my camera. I am humbled to know that this is a God given talent that I cannot take any credit for.
Wedding Venue: Mooiplaatsie Country Estate.

Vernon & Faye

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

What more can I say about this wedding…the proof is in the pudding! WOW! They not only have the best wedding photos of 2016, but also the most beautiful.
Wedding Venue: Tres Jolie

Jonathan & Megan

Best Wedding Photos

I just love chandeliers! Makes awesome photos.

Wedding Venue: Waterfall Cove

Marcus & Morgan

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

This venue was not the easiest venue to shoot at, so you need to get creative. The reception hall is definitely one the most beautiful I have seen.
Wedding Venue: Heavensgate Wedding & Function Venue Boksburg.

Jacques & Jo-lize

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

I think this was the most beautiful sunset of 2016 but it was not the easiest. When the ceremony started the clouds started packing together in which the perfect sunset opportunity faded before my eyes. When we stepped out of the chapel, it was a nightmare, storm clouds all around us with wind blowing us away. But as I always say, we never stop taking photos! We pushed through and God gave us this amazing reward. Very blessed. Later that night I had another “first” when the bride and groom hired Pyrotechnics to do a shoot with. We nailed it 😉
Wedding Venue: Mellow Stream Wedding Venue

Stefan & Lizelle

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Photography wise these photos are some of the best of the year! We were so blessed to capture this!

JJ & Christelle

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Such a special couple, we had so much fun with them.

Pieter & Naydene

Best Wedding Photos

Those shoes!!

Rob & Nadia

Best Wedding Photos

This shot is just perfect, what a beautiful set of clouds!

Leon & Robyn

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

This was a unique wedding venue, which made awesome photos

Jacques & Talia

Best Wedding Photos

This wedding rained out quite good, even I was getting nervous, but the venue had a old workshop with these stunning windows. Timeless shot.

Juan & Norlene

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

We don’y have many wedding venues in south africa that has unique props to work with. This heart in the garden was just perfect. The sunset on the pier was breathtaking!

Andre & Bianca

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Natural light is always fun to play with. On this day there was a TV crew also capturing their day which made the job very difficult, but we stayed focused on the bridal couple and gave them amazing shots!

Ian & Rumbie

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Probably the happiest couple of 2016 they had so much fun. Rumbie is a fashion designer and designed her own dress, and yes she looked amazing.

Regardt & Shani

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

Very proud of this couple they are so humble!

Jay-dee & Ria

Best Wedding Photos Best Wedding Photos

What a way to end of 2016 with this beautiful couple! Blessed beyond words. These are the bestwedding photos for 2016!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Leave a comment below and tell me which wedding you liked the most.


There are so many bride’s to be that are actually confused about how many wedding photos are enough. In this blog I’m going to try and establish a norm here, or more specifically show you the reality of the number of wedding photos.

Yes you read that right, there is in actual fact a war between photographers. It’s the year 2016 and the amount of new photographers in the industry are staggering,  every single one of them want a cut of the cake. The result are that each photographer want to give their potential clients the better deal. MORE prints, MORE albums, MORE photographers and yes MORE PHOTOS!

The point here is that the proof is in the pudding. Stop looking at all the details, and start looking at the quality of the photographer’s work. The age old saying still stands: Quality vs Quantity. Now I don’t want to go into detail here about the quality of a photographer’s work, but the rule of thumb is that you need to look at multiple galleries to start seeing the general quality of a photographer’s work. Anyone can get “lucky” shots and most of the time they have no clue how they got the shot. Do your homework when looking at someone’s work.

PLEASE NOTE: The price of a photographer’s packages does NOT make him/her a professional photographer.

3000 photos seems like an awesome deal for the amount of money you are paying for a photographer, after all you want to get the most out of what you pay. But let’s get something very clear here, when you are hiring a PROFESSIONAL photographer, you are not paying for the amount of photos, but you are paying for the years of experience the photographer has earned, you are paying for the quality of the gear he uses, and yes the quality of the editing he/she does. Have you ever thought of asking a photographer what gear he/she uses? Do they have off camera flashes? Point is, do your research.

So step back for a moment and think. 3000 photos are ridiculous, it’s a gimmick to get you to use that specific photographer. Firstly you do not have enough walls in your house to use 3000 photos, and secondly and much more importantly, the 3000 type of photographer does not edit photos. They pitch up at your wedding with 3 or 4 AMATEUR photographer, and they are instructed to “click away”. Anything that moves are photographed, even poor old aunt Suzy picking her nose. Now ask yourself this, what will you do with thousands of photos of guests picking noses, making funny faces etc.?

The big question still remains, how many wedding photos are enough? Well the quick answer is that there is not a specific number. BUT one thing I can tell you is that you CANNOT capture a whole wedding in 150 photos. It is impossible.

Your wedding is divided into parts:
1. Decor
2. Getting ready (makeup, hair, getting dressed etc.)
3. Cermony
4. Family photos
5. Formal Photos (just the bridal couple)
6. Reception
7. Night photos

This is just a basic layout, but in each part at least 200 shots need to be taken, to at least get 100 edits out that are quality, professional photos. So you can do the math 😉

At Photodream we edit ALL the photos and we give at the minimum 500 photos. It all depends on what goes wrong on your wedding day, and the amount of detail, and yes how much time there is to get the most photos taken. Personally I feel that 400 to 700 edited photos are more than enough. Again the point is not the quantity, but the quality. Each photo you get should be quality and you as bride to be should be confident in the quality to be able to use every photo you get.


Lately I have seen an increase in wedding photographers far beyond my expectations. It makes sense though, as you can buy the latest DSLR cameras, and no matter what you do, when the shutter button is pressed the photo is good quality 7 out of 10 times. The outcome however is that these photographers think that the best gear and cameras will make them professional photographers. The end result is almost always BAD wedding poses.

bad wedding poses

There are so many factors to consider before you can be classified as a professional photographer. Personally I think the worst thing that could have ever happened is photography schools. Many people go to “learn” or “study” photography. Well in my opinion photography is an art, not everyone can be painters, and no not everyone has creative abilities. Photography comes from within. Creating art.

We can go on with this subject for hours, but the theme of this post is all about BAD wedding poses. It comes down to the photographer (amateur or professional) that does not have the creative ability to pose a bridal couple. Now many people say that they don’t like “posed” photos, which is a silly thing to say, as you can do a pose and still look natural. We all are continually in a certain pose, no matter what we are doing. So the trick is to pose someone and yet to make them look natural. This is what I call CREATIVITY IN PHOTOGRAPHY.

The following photos are not my own, these are photos I came across on various websites. The main purpose of these photos is to show brides to be what BAD poses look like. Enjoy 😉

bad wedding poses   bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses


We will probably never get to wear one of these dresses, but dreaming has never killed anyone 😉

Bouchra Jarrar


Chanel Haute Couture


Chanel Haute Couture


Chanel Haute Couture


Christian Dior Couture


Christian Dior Couture


Christian Dior Couture


Elie Saab



Elie Saab


Giambattista Valli



Giambattista Valli


Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela





Ulyana Sergeenko









Versace Atelier



Versace Atelier



Zuhair Murad



Zuhair Murad



Source: ELLE