There are so many bride’s to be that are actually confused about how many wedding photos are enough. In this blog I’m going to try and establish a norm here, or more specifically show you the reality of the number of wedding photos.

Yes you read that right, there is in actual fact a war between photographers. It’s the year 2016 and the amount of new photographers in the industry are staggering,  every single one of them want a cut of the cake. The result are that each photographer want to give their potential clients the better deal. MORE prints, MORE albums, MORE photographers and yes MORE PHOTOS!

The point here is that the proof is in the pudding. Stop looking at all the details, and start looking at the quality of the photographer’s work. The age old saying still stands: Quality vs Quantity. Now I don’t want to go into detail here about the quality of a photographer’s work, but the rule of thumb is that you need to look at multiple galleries to start seeing the general quality of a photographer’s work. Anyone can get “lucky” shots and most of the time they have no clue how they got the shot. Do your homework when looking at someone’s work.

PLEASE NOTE: The price of a photographer’s packages does NOT make him/her a professional photographer.

3000 photos seems like an awesome deal for the amount of money you are paying for a photographer, after all you want to get the most out of what you pay. But let’s get something very clear here, when you are hiring a PROFESSIONAL photographer, you are not paying for the amount of photos, but you are paying for the years of experience the photographer has earned, you are paying for the quality of the gear he uses, and yes the quality of the editing he/she does. Have you ever thought of asking a photographer what gear he/she uses? Do they have off camera flashes? Point is, do your research.

So step back for a moment and think. 3000 photos are ridiculous, it’s a gimmick to get you to use that specific photographer. Firstly you do not have enough walls in your house to use 3000 photos, and secondly and much more importantly, the 3000 type of photographer does not edit photos. They pitch up at your wedding with 3 or 4 AMATEUR photographer, and they are instructed to “click away”. Anything that moves are photographed, even poor old aunt Suzy picking her nose. Now ask yourself this, what will you do with thousands of photos of guests picking noses, making funny faces etc.?

The big question still remains, how many wedding photos are enough? Well the quick answer is that there is not a specific number. BUT one thing I can tell you is that you CANNOT capture a whole wedding in 150 photos. It is impossible.

Your wedding is divided into parts:
1. Decor
2. Getting ready (makeup, hair, getting dressed etc.)
3. Cermony
4. Family photos
5. Formal Photos (just the bridal couple)
6. Reception
7. Night photos

This is just a basic layout, but in each part at least 200 shots need to be taken, to at least get 100 edits out that are quality, professional photos. So you can do the math 😉

At Photodream we edit ALL the photos and we give at the minimum 500 photos. It all depends on what goes wrong on your wedding day, and the amount of detail, and yes how much time there is to get the most photos taken. Personally I feel that 400 to 700 edited photos are more than enough. Again the point is not the quantity, but the quality. Each photo you get should be quality and you as bride to be should be confident in the quality to be able to use every photo you get.

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