PLEASE NOTE: The information given here about the venue is from my (a photographers) point of view. These venues do not pay us to do reviews and we only do reviews on venues that we have had the pleasure of shooting a wedding at. I give you my views on my experience (good or bad) that I had at the venue. With this information you can better decide which venue you want to choose for your special day.

Lezar Opstal Wedding Venue is located in the beautiful district of Heidelberg. From the moment you drive through the Lezar Opstal gates you are welcomed by the exquisite look and feel of the venue. As I am a horse lover, I have to mention the amazing sense the stunning stables and some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen, gives you.

I have to add here though that there is a long dirt road that has to be traveled on to get to Lezar Opstal, people with classy cars are not going to enjoy this one. In my opinion the drive is worth it to get to this special place!

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Lezar Opstal Staff and Owners

A lot of venues we arrive at have very… difficult management. In rare cases you get people like Willemien who will always smile and make you feel at home. She has so much passion for the venue, she always has time to answer questions and make the day perfect. Whenever we are booked for Lezar Opstal, we are over the moon with excitement.

Decor & Look and Feel of the Reception Hall

The hall is very spacious and the decor is perfect every time we get there.  Now most venues do not have the decor done before at least noon, which is always a headache for me as we tend to go to the venue early to capture the details of the decor, tables and special items the bridal couple has added. With Lezar Opstal, they are always done with the decor and table settings when we arrive, which gives me time to capture every detail of the reception hall. The hall or Ball Room named by the venue,  gives me a modern country feel. There is no lack in the amount of detail of the decor, which makes for great photos.

I especially like the big spacious tables they have, I think guests enjoy the extra space. I must add that the ceiling of the hall is not to my liking. It is something like a grey/brown plastic stretched to complete and act as a ceiling, with only two chandeliers. The problem is the colour and type of material does not reflect light easily and makes the low light scenes more difficult to light up. Lezar Opstal is in the process of completing their new hall which I am eager to see.

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The food at Lezar Opstal is some of the best we have tasted. Willemien and her team really goes the extra mile when it comes to this and satisfaction is an understatement. Why do I talk about the food of a venue? It’s simple: For us as photographers who spend about 10 hours at the venue for a wedding, the plate of food is really something to look forward to and believe it or not, some venue’s food is horrible to say the least. We are very sensitive about the food and we like to give a venue brownie points if their food is worth talking about. Lezar really adds the love to every recipe.

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Honeymoon Suite

The honeymoon suite is perfect and they have spent a lot of time here with the decor, which means it makes amazing photos. Unfortunately there is no aircon in the honeymoon suite, which is a bit uncomfortable in the hot seasons.

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Photo Opportunities

This is my favorite part of Lezar Opstal. There are amazing photo opportunities, something for every type of photographer. For us the sunsets are amazing here. The sun sets just beyond the hills and makes amazing photos. The horses and stables are an added benefit. The big open field and surrounding hills are some of the best we have seen, some areas of the field have big hay bales which gives that extra twist to the photos. There are many stone walls and the lush green grass are all perfect scenes for a professional photographer.

Out of my photography point of view, Lezar Opstal is a perfect venue, there is so much to do. Every wedding here will be a success.

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